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A mouth-watering menu:
the great taste of our Arabba Restaurant!

Our passion for fine cuisine and our continuous experimentation has made us one of the best Arabba restaurants, and our ambition is to continue to improve in order to offer our customers an unforgettable culinary experience.

Our chef Ciro's mastery lies in his knowing how to bring together the best traditional Tyrolean and Ladin dishes in an imaginative way, combining the rich and appetising flavours of the mountains with Mediterranean cuisine, which draws on the culinary traditions of the Bel Paese - Italy.

An apotheosis of flavours from the starter to dessert

At any time of day, at Miky's Grill, you will find specialties suitable for any occasion: a wide variety of authentic and appetising first courses of fresh pasta - strictly home-made, rich main courses of meat char-grilled before your very eyes, and flavoursome starters and sides of fresh and grilled vegetables. To top it all off, fresh seasonal fruit and a vast choice of exquisite confectionery and desserts made from the highest-quality ingredients.

To accompany every course, there is an extensive and sophisticated wine list to enhance the flavour of every dish.

Quick and tasty lunches

There is no lack of things to do in Arabba, whether you opt for a wonderful day on the slopes or by bike in the Dolomites, a short pause for an energising and yummy lunch break is essential. Go wild choosing an appetising and nutritious pasta dish, a light and colourful salad or a rapid main course. And then…of you go! Ready for another adventure!

A relaxing aperitif

The day is coming to its final stop and tiredness is starting to set in…whether you have spent it skiing or trekking along the trails, a quick aperitif is just what you need to ease tension and unwind before returning to the hotel. Our Arabba Restaurant Miky's Grill is waiting for you right at the end of the Sellaronda slopes for a few laughs with good company: treat yourself to a quick drink, an aperitif, one last bombardino, a classic glass of wine, or perhaps, if you are feeling particularly ravenous, a hot chocolate and a piece of strudel.

Gourmet dinners to be savoured

In the evenings, after having spent a hectic day in the mountains, at Miky's Grill, we are waiting for you to take part in a different activity; this time a tranquil and soothing one, in the form of a stimulating journey for your taste buds. The delicacies and specialities prepared by our chef for dinner will be a delight for the eyes, nose and mouth. Fine meats char-grilled before your very eyes, authentic fresh pasta dishes, elegant starters, exquisite desserts, soft focaccia and crunchy breadsticks made on site. Gourmet dishes offering aromas and flavours you can enjoy peacefully, while enveloped in the warmth and cosy atmosphere created by the natural wood interior.

…and saving the best for last…

Allowing yourself to break the rules occasionally is good for the soul, as well as for the palate. So sweeten up your lives with our chef's superb creations; pastries that are true masterpieces made from only the best ingredients for desserts that are beautiful to look at and that taste sublime.

Because at the end of the day, what would the best dinner be if you didn't top it all of with a delicious dessert?