Palate pleasing

Wine list - a glorification of flavours

The sought-after selection that reflects our passions

"When did I realise I loved wine?? At the age of 35, when my restaurant was starting to grow and I had to approach something, that would become a great life pleasure of mine, for the first time. It was a huge revelation!

Now I end my working day with a good glass of wine: a treat I allow myself every day, a moment of reflection, a feeling of being carefree, a moment of searching …of poetry!

Wine is extraordinarily fascinating because it is nature - alive and evolving silently.

The fascination and emotion evoked on opening a bottle of wine are completely unique; each bottle unveils its elution of fragrance and taste. The desire to unearth it to its fullest infinitely arouses my curiosity.

My wine list is the fruits of deep and continued personal research and the choices are never at random; whoever reads between the lines will pick up aspects of my personality.

This is my motto: Et vinum laetificet cor hominis (Wine enlivens a man's heart)."

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