Miky's Grill in Arabba South Tyrol
Taste & creativity

Miky's Grill: your favourite restaurant in Arabba

There is no better way to top off your holidays than to enjoy pleasant lunches and fine-dining suppers in a welcoming and delicious restaurant in Arabba. At Miky's Grill, you will always be greeted with hospitality and fine cuisine, so much so that, since 2005, these passions have continued to be recognised on a yearly basis by the prestigious Michelin guide.

Eating out in Arabba has never been such a pleasure

Located a few metres from the Sellaronda ski slopes, our restaurant in Arabba is the perfect place to remove your skis and take refuge for a light and quick lunch break between one descent and another or to stop by at sunset for a tantalising aperitif in good company. Or, for those who prefer to take it "slow" and refined, to spoil themselves in our one-of-a-kind warm and cosy atmosphere with our exquisite, gourmet dinner dishes served with an extensive wine list.

Rustic and cosy atmosphere

Eating in our restaurant in Arabba is an experience encompassing not only your taste buds, but your other senses as well. As soon as you step through the door, you will be enveloped by the pleasing sense of intimacy created by the wooden furniture that smells of the mountains and invokes a feeling of other times. The large open grill, that dominates the dining area, creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere as it spreads irresistible smells and aromas into the surrounding area.

Who are we?

The perfect formula: initiative, quality, passion.

Miky's Grill was born as the result of a personal challenge: that of Michela - the owner of Hotel Mesdi - who wanted to test herself in the restaurant industry by offering a different, alternative gastronomy, done in her own way, to her clients, to tourists visiting the area and to the town of Arabba itself.

Her continue desire to improve and the encounter with the chef, Ciro, turned the dream into a reality that is ever more appreciated and recognised, and not only at a local level.

Passione, qualità e un team di professionisti affiatato ed estroso: questi gli ingredienti che non mancano mai al Miky's Grill!

Sublime cuisine

Creativity, quality and taste

Wine is passion

Flavours enhancement

Alpine atmosphere

Intimacy and friendliness that feel like home